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Degradable Mulch Film Test Demonstration will encompass 10,000 mu in Changji Prefecture

????????In response to the call of CPC Committee and People’s Government of Changji Autonomous Prefecture, its Agricultural Bureau vigorously promotes degradable mulch test demonstration in the whole prefecture. On the basis of 2016 degradable film test, an all-round promotion will be carried out to use degradable mulch films in planting a variety of crops in distinct areas in the Prefecture; the test demonstration will cover 10,000?mu.

????????This year’s test have been attached great importance to by leaders from Agricultural Bureau and Agriculture Technology-Promotion Center ?of the Prefecture. At the conference on agricultural?work of the Prefecture in early 2017, Wang Xinliang, CPC Committee Secretary of Agricultural Bureau mobilized?the staff and made immediate arrangements for degradable mulch film test in 2017. On the?eve of the test, Agricultural Bureau of the Prefecture called on and organized in three successive sessions the directly concerned sectors, divisions?and degradable film manufacturers in the Prefecture to collaborate on the degradable film test in the Prefecture in 2017. They probed into the possible difficulties and problems in the test, discussed and made technological?exchanges. In the end, an agreement on 10000 mu?degradable?mulch film test was signed between the Prefecture and Xinjiang Lanshan Tunhe Chemicals Company Ltd., and Changzhou Biolegeen Ecotech Materials Company Ltd. as well.