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Wang Lin from Agriculture Corps Master Station of Promotion came to No.128 Regiment to inspect and approve of the application of degradable films.

????????On the afternoon of September 12, Wang Lin, Chief of Agriculture Corps Master Station of Promotion, accompanied by Feng Zhichao, Party Secretary of Division Promotion Station, came to No.128 Agriculture Regiment Company 3 and Company 9 to inspect the application of biodegradable films for approval.?

????????In the cotton fields of Company 3 and Company 9 of No.128 Agriculture Regiment, the technical?staff carefully?checked the number of plants, boll number and examined all the breeding indexes. By comparison, it was discovered that the cotton with the help of Biolegeen film showed little difference from cotton with conventional PE film in terms of plant growth, ?fruit retention index, but Biolegeen film in use can degrade very fast and leave no residue or secondary pollution, and there?is?no need for people to collect the broken pieces. Degradation according to different time requirement can satisfy the needs?for various crops to conserve heat, ?moisture in the soil.?

????????Through inspection, Wang Lin, Chief of the Master Station holds high opinion of the Company’s use of degradable film and field management and hopes the staff will carefully reflect on the use of degradable film, set high standards for test demonstration and strive for wider scope of promotion.?


Wang Lin, Chief of Agriculture Corps Master Station of Promotion and Feng Zhichao are inspecting the cotton field .


The technical staff are making technological survey.