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Changzhou Biolegeen Ecotech Material Co.,LTD. Invited to attend The Development Trend Technical Seminar of Eco-friendly Materials’ Application.

In order to actively respond to the “Soil Pollution Prevention Action Plan” issued by the State Council and to create an innovative, collaborative, green, open and shared industrial development concept, Shanghai Green Technology Bank hosted The Development Trend Technical Seminar of Eco-friendly Materials’ Application at Shanghai Science & Technology Development and Exchange Center on April 26th.

Xi Furong, Section Chief of the administration center of  Green Technology Bank, commended  the outstanding contributions made by green technologies in building a sustainable development-oriented society with resource conservation, environment protection, safe and high efficiency. She encouraged the enterprises and research institutes to work together closely with making good use of this platform for the better and faster transformation of scientific and technological achievements to be well used for the sustainable development.


Mr. Wang Huimin, General Manager of Changzhou Biolegeen Ecotech Material Co.,LTD. made a speech titled “Innovation and Application of new Bio-degradable Materials”, elaborated the company’s research and development philosophy, the application and promotion of company’s products. Hope the 20 years research achievements in this field can be used in the plastic pollution treatment


Shanghai Committee of Science and Technology, Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Nanoscience and Technology Research Center of Shanghai University, Waste 2 Wear Company from the Netherlands ,Shanghai Airpaq Packing Tech Development Co.,Ltd. and some other related enterprises and institutions jointly participated the meeting.